LN-Luther - APMEH Unit 2 Martin Luthers Reformation A....

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APMEH Unit 2 Martin Luther’s Reformation A. Introduction – Historical Problems Studying Martin Luther a. Historiography - study of how history created b. Half written by Catholics- terrible, horrible man; Protestant- hero, founder of important movement B. Phase 1 – Martin Luther the Student a. 1483- born to Hans Luther (prosperous miner) = money i. Hans goal for child would become lawyer, no labor ii. Difficult childhood- harsh disciplinarian (would see father as angry man) b. 1501- U of Erfurt i. showed academic talents for learning ii. just as humanist curriculum becoming popular (Plato, Aristotle) iii. always influenced by religion teachers c. End – July 2, 1505= caught in storm, afraid of life= prayer to St. Anne if would spare him in storm would dedicate life to Church then became monk (upset father) C. Phase 2 – Martin Luther the Priest a. Studying to become a priest (at same university) i. Monastery- talked about misery with struggles of concepts 1. Good monk b. 1507- ordained as a priest i. goes to university of Whinerburg (teacher) c. 1510- chosen to go to Rome in order to argue with papacy d. 1512- doctor of theology (highest rank) very popular teacher i. he was loyal to pope and Church; traditional theologian; well- known with scriptures (nothing special) e. End – October 31, 1517= nails 95 Thesis D. Phase 3 – Martin Luther the Rebel a. Pope Leo - decides enhance Church but need money = Indulgences
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LN-Luther - APMEH Unit 2 Martin Luthers Reformation A....

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