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1 Final Exam A, Spring, 2008 May 9, 2008 English 291/AmStud 261 Professor Amy Hungerford Total exam time allowed: 3 hours. I. Ids : Choose 6 of 9, five minutes each. Provide three elements in your answer: 1) the author and work, 2) what the thing or the quotation refers to and, if it is a person speaking, who said it, and 3) a sentence or two about its significance. [20%] 1) Marigolds 2) The Courier’s Tragedy 3) Minerva 4) “US Navy” 5) Stamford Crow Blueberry 6) Chifferobe 7) "Let your repentance salt my shoe leather" 8) A very local number indeed. 9) Moon Orchid II. Passage explications : Choose 4 of 7, fifteen minutes each. Identify the source (author and title; you do not need to cite specific stories within books) and relevant context for the passage, then develop an interpretation of it, attending to both the language and the thematic elements of the text. Conclude with a sentence or two describing the importance of the passage, as you have interpreted it, to the work as a whole. [40%] 1) Imagine a Carthage sown with salt, and all the sowers gone, and the seeds lain however long in the earth, till there rose finally in vegetable profusion leaves and trees of rime and brine. What flowering would there be in such a garden? Light would force each salt calyx to open in prisms, and to fruit heavily with bright globes of water—peaches and grapes are little more than that, and where the world was salt there would be greater need of slaking. For need can blossom into all the compensations it requires. To crave and to have are as like as a thing and its shadow. 2) I stood before him, poised, my mind aching as it embraced the simple nakedness of his life, feeling how completely his soul was imprisoned by the slow flow of the seasons, by wind and rain and sun, how fastened were his memories to a crude and raw past, how chained were his actions and emotions to the direct, animalistic impulses of his withering body . . .
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2 3) Your books are arranged by the color of their spines , she said. How stupid.
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final - Final Exam A Spring 2008 May 9 2008 English...

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