A Water Resource Plan

A Water Resource Plan - The definition of pollution is the...

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The definition of pollution is the “undesirable state of the natural environment being contaminated with harmful substances as a consequence of human activities.” The definition of water pollution is “pollution of the water in rivers and lakes” (FreeDictionary, 2008). When one combines these two definitions, the result is a hazard of large proportions. To better understand the hazards of water pollution, one must understand how much water consumption takes place. In the year 2000, the United States estimates of water use were 408 billion gallons per day. The major use of this water consumption was through irrigation and thermoelectric power. When one considers the amount being used in 2000, the amount can be considerably larger as populations expand. This makes sustaining the water supply all that more important (Hutson et al., 2005). Water Pollution: Types and SourcesThe water resource issue I selected was point source pollution- water pollution. Water pollution originated from the birth of human civilization. Human waste was the first pollutant that contributed to how the water system is today. In time human waste has sought its way through to bodies of water all over the world. Many pollutants that have made their way into the earth’s water include oil, garbage, sewage, debris, fertilizers, and chemicals. The different sources of water pollution are; industry, agriculture, and homes (vickiilene, Lovetoknow Corp., 2006-2010).
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A Water Resource Plan - The definition of pollution is the...

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