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Ans-162E2-F2008 - Exam 2 MA 162 Fall 2008 Name in capitals...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 2, MA 162, Fall 2008 Name in capitals Lectumr’s name in capitals Time of lecture Recitation Instructor’s name in capitals Time of recitation class 1. On the scantron, fill in the requested information, most especially, your name, section and division number and your student ID number. 2. On this cover sheet of your exam booklet, fill in your name, your lecturer’s name, the time of your lecture. Then fill in your recitation instructor’s name and the time of your recitation meeting. 3. There are 12 questions, each worth 8 points. The remaining 4 points are free. 4. Show all your work. 5. No calculators are allowed. A—E la 3D 44 3% 6C 7?) 6c 4c lag MB Q74 ...
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