Ans-162E2-S2003 - we ITP pring PHHQD enswers to ixm ssF IA...

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Unformatted text preview: we ITP pring PHHQD enswers to ixm ssF IA PA QA RA p sin S @xA S C sin Q @xA Q Cg I I xP R Px Cg C @PxCQA xe x dx a Pe I D so the series onvergesF @PxCQA P C @x IA C dxCe @xP CWA SA eErtil frtionsY f Erigonometri sustitutionY g E sntegrte y prtsY hErigonometri integrlsY i Eepproximte integrtionY p Esmproper integrtionF TA UA VA UT Q % H T S P% [email protected] A I C Rx os @x A dx P P P P p WA EdivergentD sine n T3 H s n 3 IF Eonverges y the rtio testF E diverges using the omprison testD ompring with the series I n F n aI I EI ...
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