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ENGR 13100 Fall 2010 Homework No. 9 Assigned: Class 8b Page 1 of 2 SUMMARY OF READING AND UPCOMING DELIVERABLES DUE HC E Reading: None Homework Problems [20 Points]: Problem 1 (20 pts): Morphological Analysis 9b c - Reminder (100 pts): CCCD Written Assignment (assigned in HW#6) 12b c c Project/MEA: Commuter System of 2020: Milestone 3 (assigned in HW#8) 9b c c HC = Hard copy E = Electronic submission PROBLEM 1 (20 pts) Morphological Analysis (This problem is to be completed as a Team ) Step 1: Review the slides and materials from classes 7a and 7b regarding Morphological Analysis and the eco-shopper problem. Step 2: Record your answers to the following questions in the Homework #9 team answer sheet, then save the document. Q1. Describe the overall function of the eco-shopper along with the major input(s) and output(s) of the function. Recall: Functions are written as a pair consisting of an action verb and a noun. Q2. Break the overall function into a series of simpler sub-functions (at least six sub-functions). List these sub-functions in the table along with a description of why the function is needed. To help you write a good description, ask yourselves, “What happens when this function is achieved or performed?” Q3. In the “Means” columns, identify possible means to fulfill each of the sub-functions listed. You should have at least three means for each sub-function (you do not need to have the
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RelativeResourceManager - ENGR 13100 Fall 2010 Assigned:...

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