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DeLeón 1 Wilfredo De León Profesor: Delacorte ESL 170 10/28/09 Giraffe Language Giraffe Language is a term used by Dr. Marshall B. Rosenburg when referring to non-violent communication. Its purpose is to enable people to solve problems between countries and societies, between social groups, and within a family. This approach can be used in the conflict in Honduras, where the De Facto Honduras Government led by Roberto Micheletti ousted Manuel Zelaya who is the elected president. The conflict is not between political parties but between branches of government. The Giraffe Language approach can be used to decide who the president should be. and the base you have is the attribution that currently has the legislative power (National Congress of the Republic). Thus, Zelaya came to power by the Liberal Party, but in recent years has distanced himself from the classical tendencies of the traditional parties (Liberal and National . .. whose theses are similar), to claim a constitutional reform which what Members actually seem to fear (and drag them to the Judiciary and Armed Forces), is to eliminate or reduce the power of Congress to carry large amount of funds the national budget. This is important, Congress currently running a major departure from the national budget and managed through the deputies themselves, without any real control over it (as it is a function of self-control legislative branch
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DeLeón 2 execution funds . ..) and therefore sustaining the high levels of corruption that exist in Honduras (which can be compared with highly credible organizations such as Transparency International). So, predictably, a modern constitution (adapted to the current democratic concepts) reconsidered some concepts and focus the activity of the Legislature in the exercise legislative and executive control. That would be a huge loss of power to the 128-member. We should add that the members of the judiciary in Honduras are appointed by the National Congress of the Republic and they therefore (logically or nearly normal in the area) represent the interests of advantaged minority
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GiraffeLanguage[1] - DeLen1 Wilfredo De Len Profesor:...

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