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Assignment04 - Duke University Medical Physics Program...

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Duke University Medical Physics Program MP200 - Radiation Physics Fall 2010 Assignment 04 Due 10/13/10 ( Show your work for each problem. Partial credits are awarded.) 1. β + decay is associated with what type of neutrino: (a) a neutrino (b) an antineutrino (c) no neutrino ? 2. The grand unified theory would reduce the number of fundamental forces to (a) one (b) two (c) three (d) four (e) five 3. Which process is involved in determining the age of a prehistoric object? proton absorption 4. Complete the following nuclear reaction: 12 7 N -→ 12 6 C +? + ν (a) α (b) p (c) β + (d) β - (e) γ 5. Assuming the radius of a hydrogen atom is given by the Bohr radius, r Bohr = 5 . 29 × 10 - 11 m , what is the ratio of the nuclear density of a hydrogen atom to its atomic density? Note: Assume for this calculation that the mass of the atom is equal to the mass of the proton. 1 . 2 × 10 - 14 1
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