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energy_saving_lights - ENERGY SAVING LIGHTS Moooi fixtures...

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Moooi fixtures developed before 2008 have been specifically designed for use with incandescent lightsources. Due to the new European regulations these will not be available in the European Union in the near future. The EU`s objective is to save energy and help the market push more efficient CFL& LED lightbulbs. With this information sheet we want to help Moooi customers adapting their lamp to meet these new circumstances. ENERGY SAVING BULBS Most common Energy saving bulbs in the market are CFL type lamps, which is short for Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb. Basically CFL technology is similar to TL type lamps, but smaller. Moooi fixtures can be used which each available self-ballasted CFL for Edison type lampholders (E12, E14, E26 or E27) and below the maximum power rating of the fixture. Most important difference in use between incandescent and CFL, is that CFL is up to 5x more efficient which means that out of the absorbed power 5x more energy is being converted into the actual output of light.
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