OPTI 380A Lab 9 Interference - Procedures 2010-3

OPTI 380A Lab 9 Interference - Procedures 2010-3 - Revision...

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Revision 10/7/2010 Optics 380A Interference 1 OPTICS 380A Lab 7: Interference Be sure to answer the additional questions at the end of the procedures. Part A: Young’s Double Slit Interferometer (YDSI) We will use this experiment as an example of a real-world problem in acceptance testing. Suppose you have just started working for an optical laboratory, and your boss hands you a package that she purchased from Company P. Of interest are the double slits, as they will be used your company’s next generation of optical spectrometer. You are asked to measure the spacing between the two slits, as this is the important parameter needed in the company’s current initial design effort. Company P has supplied information that the “A” slit on slide 9165-B has a center- to-center spacing of 250 microns, with a tolerance of ±5 microns. She wants to know if this information is accurate or not . Depending on your results, the design engineers will know whether or not to trust the data from this particular company. If this information is valid, you are to go ahead and order 500 of these slits (at considerable cost) of the first production run of the spectrometer. You are asked to do this as soon as you can, with as little expenses as possible… (usually that means by tomorrow). All that is asked of you is to make the most accurate measurement that you can with equipment available. You quickly think to yourself, “This is an optics lab, not a mechanical measurements lab…how does she expect me to do this?” The only tools you have available are a laser, some optical mounts (not even as nice as you had in optics lab in school), a small microscope, and a translation slide. If only you had one of those brand new, expensive measuring microscopes… or how about an electron microscope…that’s really what’s needed, you think. After a few cups of coffee, you begin to remember something about what you learned in Physical Optics, some relationship between slits and fringes. After reviewing Young’s Double Slit
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OPTI 380A Lab 9 Interference - Procedures 2010-3 - Revision...

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