CH12AtomicTheory - CH:12AtomicTheory&QuantumMechanics 02:35

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02:35 Atoms are measured in Angstroms ( Α° ) = 1 * 10^-10 m = .1 nm = 100 Pm Range from 1A ° (H) to 8A ° (Cs) All EM rad travels at C (speed of light) = 3.0 * 10^8 Sinusoidal oscillating waves of magnetic (H) and electric (E) fields Light has a dual nature of both waves and particles Frequency ( ν ) – the number of oscillations a second (measured in Hertz (Hz)) Wavelength ( λ ) – the distance (m) between correlating point of adjacent waves (measured in meters in scientific notation) C= λ * ν  (this means that wavelength and frequency are inversely proportional Radio Waves- FM (measured in MHz) and AM (measured in KHz) Ex. conversions  FM 96.7 (MHz) λ =C/ ν  = 3 EE 8 / 96.7 EE 6 = 3.1 m
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CH12AtomicTheory - CH:12AtomicTheory&QuantumMechanics 02:35

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