9 - Social & Human Sciences Department (SAHSD) Centre for...

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PHD 0015 Human Development ONLINE NOTES FOSEE , MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY (436821-T) MELAKA CAMPUS, JALAN AYER KEROH LAMA, 75450 MELAKA, MALAYSIA. Tel 606 252 3594 Fax 606 231 8799 URL: http://fosee.mmu.edu.my/~asd/ (SAHSD) Centre for Foundation Studies and Extension Education (FOSEE)
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PHD0015 HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Chapter 9 PHD 0015 HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CHAPTER 9: LATE ADULTHOOD AND DEATH, DYING AND BEREAVEMENT - 60 – and above years old. - Senescence : a. decline in body function b. decline in antibodies c. decline in hormones d. cells in heart and brain cannot be replaced - Primary aging is a gradual, inevitable process of bodily deterioration that begins early in life and continues through the years. - Secondary aging consists of results of disease, abuse and disuse- factors that are often avoidable and within people's control. Physical and Mental Health - Arthritis- a group of disorders that cause pain and loss of movement, most often involving inflammation of the joints. -
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9 - Social & Human Sciences Department (SAHSD) Centre for...

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