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FOSEE , MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY (436821-T) MELAKA CAMPUS, JALAN AYER KEROH LAMA, 75450 MELAKA, MALAYSIA. Tel 606 252 3594 Fax 606 231 8799 URL: http://fosee.mmu.edu.my/~asd/ PPH 0075 Physics I Foundation in Engineering Assignment 1 APPLIED SCIENCE DEPARTMENT (ASD) Centre for Foundation Studies and Extension Education (FOSEE)
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__________________________________________________________________________________ 2 / 8 Chapter 1: Question 1: a) The time T required for one complete oscillation of a mass, m on a spring, having spring constant, k, is k m T π 2 = . Find the dimensions that k must have, in order for this equation to be dimensionally correct. [2 marks] b) Two vectors are given as k j i A ˆ 4 ˆ 3 ˆ 2 + + = ρ and ˆ ˆ ˆ 5 2 B i j k = - + - r . Find the angle, between these vectors. [3 marks] c) The volume of liquid flowing through a thin tube per unit time, denoted by Q , can be expressed in terms of radius R of the tube, the viscosity η of the liquid, the pressure drop P in the tube, and length L of the tube in the form r s q P Q k R L ± = ² ³ ´ µ where k , s , q and r are dimensionless constants. If the S.I units for viscosity is Ns/m² , what must be the values of p , q and r ? [3 marks] d) Given ( ) sin E al bt = , where E is energy, l is length and t is time i) What are the dimensions and SI units of b ? [1 mark] ii) What are the dimensions and SI units of a ? [1 mark] s Question 2: a) A typical virus is a packet of protein and DNA (or RNA ) and can be spherical in shape. The influenza A virus is a spherical virus that has a diameter of 85 nm . If the volume of saliva coughed onto you by your friend with the flu is 0.010 cm 3 and 9 10 1 of that volume consists of viral particles, how many influenza viruses have landed on you? [3 marks] b) The radius of a circle is measured to be ( 20.5 ± 0.2 ) m . Calculate the i) area and ii) circumference of the circle, and give the uncertainty in each value. [4 marks] c) A cat runs 100.0 meters in a direction of 60.0 25.0 meters
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A1 - APPLIED SCIENCE DEPARTMENT (ASD) Centre for Foundation...

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