R5 - PPH 0075 Reinforcement Question

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Unformatted text preview: PPH 0075 Reinforcement Question ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 5 1/2 ASD 2007/08 Reinforcement Questions Chapter 5: Work and Energy Question 1: (Work done by constant force) Your car of mass 652kg runs out of gas. You need to push it up a hill to get to a gas station. The hill rises 2.00m for every 100m horizontally you travel. You push with a constant force of 538N on the car as you move the car 623m to the gas station. How much work done by your force on the car, the force of gravity acting on the car, and the normal force of the road acting on the car ? Question 2: (Work done by constant force) A 0.75kg block slides with a uniform velocity down a 20 o inclined plane. How much work is done by the force of friction on the block as it slides the total length of the plane ?...
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R5 - PPH 0075 Reinforcement Question

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