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1. Sedition Act An act passed by congress in 1798 that provided fines for anyone convicted writing, publishing, or speaking out its offers. 2. Intercourse Act Passed in 1790, this law regulated traded and intercourse with the Indian tribes and declared public treatises between the U.S and Indian nations the only means of obtaining Indian lands. 3. Jay’s Treaty Treaty with Britain negotiated in 1794 in which the United States made major concessions to avert a war over the British seizure of American ships. 4. XYZ Affair Diplomatic incident in 1798 in which Americans were outraged by the demand of the French for a bribe as a condition for negotiating with American diplomats.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Alien Act Act passed by Congress in 1798 that authorized the president to imprison or deport suspected aliens during wartime. 6. The Revolution of 1800(page199) Adams won in New England but elsewhere was overwhelmed Jefferson called it, “Revolution of 1800.” 7. Washington’s Farewell Address(page 197) During the last months of his term, Washington published a “Farewell Address” to the nation. In the best-remembered portion of the address, he urged that the United States seek commercial connections with all nations but “have with them as little political connection as possible.”...
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