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Rye Sup Hong 04/08/2009 Salem Witch Trial There was a time in US history when many people had to die for being accused as witches. It is uncertain whether they were innocent or not; however, based on some petitions written by the accused ones, they seem to have been falsely accused. One of the primary resources I found and read about is Mary Easty’s petition. She was one of the women who were accused of witchcraft and in this petition she declares her innocence. In this genuine, primary written source, Mary Easty is portrayed as the petitioner who gives her last words before she is sentenced to death. Mary Easty declares that she knows that she is awaiting for execution and that there is no way for her to be saved at the last moment; however, she passionately states that she is innocent and only she, herself, and the Lord knows that she is innocent and is wrongly accused. She continues by begging the judges that in the future they think twice before they finalize their decision of accusing someone of witchcraft and condem them to death because after going through her own experience, she realizes that not everyone is guilty. She claims that she has accepted her destiny to die but she continues to “petition to honours if it be possible no more Innocent blood may be shed [and that the honours] does the utmost of [their] Powers in the discovery and detecting of witchcraft and witches” (Mary Easty). By her stating this, it is implied that she, too, believes that there is such thing as witchcraft and that there are indeed witches out there. This written document is an accurate resource for people today who study the witchcraft. It is a genuine document written by an actual accused person during that period of time. Therefore, the readers can rely on the source as one of valuable, reliable primary evidence of accusation. However, this document cannot be the only source to be relied on since it only carries the point of view of the one being accused. History can be biased since many historical stories are told by one man’s point of view. Therefore it is crucial not to jump into conclusion. One must definitely gather sufficient data to come up with one’s view of the historical event. Since this document is only told in the point of view of the accused one, one should also read about the story told in the point of view of the accuser. This written document is slightly biased because Mary Easty wrote this in her own defense. It is written by a person who feels victimized and who is desperate to live. Whether she is a real witch or not, or whether she has been wrongly accused or not, no one really is certain. Therefore, it
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History_151second - History 151(First essay Rye Sup Hong...

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