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Rye Sup Hong Ch. 4 Pre-Assignment: Natural Selection QUESTION: Cheetahs (large African cats) are able to run faster than 60 miles per hour when chasing prey. How would a biologist explain how the ability to run fast evolved in cheetahs, assuming their ancestors could only run 20 miles per hour? Everything in the earth, they have changed for survive. Also, they have developed their skills which they really need for survive. Therefore, I think that reason make Cheetahs
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Unformatted text preview: to run faster than 60 miles per hour. Also, in my knowledge, cheetahs hunt alone, they are not hunting together. For example, lions are not hunting alone, they hunt together. Therefore, lions do not have to run that fast. I think that this is really simple. If cheetah cannot run faster, they cannot survive now....
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