Paper #1 the Monograph (JaeUng Jung)

Paper #1 the Monograph (JaeUng Jung) - Paper #1-the...

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Paper #1-the monograph by JaeUng Jung History 151: US History 1 Friday 8:30am~11:15am Professor Cynthia Milonas Cummings Bunker Hill Community College 2 April 2009 William Bradford, from History of Plymouth Plantation
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America has a relatively short history rather than England. However, nowadays this country is the most powerful and famous nation in the world. Their first is insignificant but their end is big and strong. I believe William Bradford’s story, Of Plymouth Plantation, represents American's history, emotion, and thinking in early American history. The book, Of Plymouth Plantation, is William Bradford’s journal that described the story of pilgrims. Indeed, this story was very difficult for me to read; however, I could understand several points of this story. In this term, William Bradford is the most important person in the first history of American society. Puritanism is the establishment ideology of first America. Of Plymouth Plantation, written by William Bradford is the most interesting book of the puritan histories. He describes the Puritans' difficult relations with the Indians. And he also describes difficulties during their first winter. In that winter, half of the small colony died. During the read, I feel he wrote this story with a bias on some points. In this book, there are many evidences of his prejudiced view. First, at this time, Bradford's history was deeply influenced by the belief that God directs everything that happens. Each event he writes about begins with, "It pleased God to. ..” (Bradford). Also he repeats "Special work of God's providence.", "Blessed the God of Heaven". (Bradford). This is the evident of a bias. The most of his speech is not scientifically established which means he believes everything is decided by God. Second, in his literature, he describes the Indian like "wild man” He thought Indians are not civilized. "They also assaulted a fort at the river's mouth, though strong and well defended; and though they did not there prevail, yet it struck them with much fear and astonishment to see their bold attempts in the face of danger."(Bradford). Through these quotes, their hostility and the relationship with the English can be observed. I believe that the major motive of his writing is the justification for colonialism. He represents colonists can be blessed by God and American Natives are savage. Colonists could reinforce colonialism because this logic can justify them to colonialism. This is the bias of the
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Paper #1 the Monograph (JaeUng Jung) - Paper #1-the...

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