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Chapter 7 History. #1 The Articles of Confederation Written document setting up the loose confederation of states that comprised the first national government of the United States. #2 Bill of rights A written summary of inalienable rights and liberties. (the first ten amendments to the constitution. #3 Annapolis convention Conference of state delegates at Annapolis Maryland, that issued a call in September 1786 for a convention to meet at Philadelphia to consider fundamental changes. #4 Federalists Supporters of the constitution who favored its ratification #5 Anti-Federalists Opponents of the constitution in the debate over its ratification #6 Whiskey Rebellion Armed uprising in 1749 by farmers in western Pennsylvania who attempted to prevent the collection of the excise tax on whiskey #7 The Constitutional Convention Convention of delegates from the colonies that met to organize resistance to the Intolerable Acts. #8 Alexander Hamilton
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