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First journal; Harriet Anne Jacobs I think that Eliza Wharton and Harriet Anne Jacob both desire to have a freedom very strongly. First, Eliza Wharton wants to live very independently as woman in the story, “The Coquette.” She does not want to get marry. That is because she thinks that if she gets marry, she will lose her freedom. Therefore, after her fiancé died, she is happy; “I rejoice in his death, No; far be it from me; for though I believe that I never felt the passion of love for Mr. Haly; yet a habit of conversing with him.” Second of all, Linda has strong desire to live freely and
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Unformatted text preview: independently. In the story, “INCIDENTS IN THE LIFE OF A SLAVE GIRL,” she was very an innocent young girl. Also, she glowed in very lovely family. Therefore, she did not even know she is a slave until she meets Dr. Flint. I think that is why she wants to have freedom. She wants to run away from sexual harassment by Dr. Flint. She just gives up on her children and run away for her freedom. This is Linda’s final solution; “Early the next morning I left my grandmother’s with my youngest child. My boy was ill, and l left him behind.”...
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