2011Winter2009_Assignment2 - 1 Department of Computer...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Department of Computer Science and Engineering York University, Winter 2009 CSE 2011: Assignment 2 Due Date - Monday, May 11, by Noon ! Question 1 Binary Tree Traversal [15 points] The recursive implementations of Preorder and Inorder Traversal on a binary tree are provided below. void recursivePreorder (Node t) { if (t != null) { processNode(t); recursivePreorder (t.getLeft()); recursivePreorder (t.getRight()); } } void recursiveInorder (Node t) { if (t != null) { recursiveInorder (t.getLeft()); processNode(t); recursiveInorder (t.getRight()); } } Write a corresponding non-recursive version of both above methods. (Hint: you are allowed to use an additional data structure, e.g. a stack or a queue.) Question 2 Binary Search Tree [15 points] In a binary search tree, in addition to the standard operations, we want to support an operation called findLargest (K), that takes integer K as an argument and returns the K-th largest key in the tree. In order to implement this method, we are allowed to add new attributes to BTNode class (see textbook, pp. 288). In your answer to this question, the following should be clearly explained: 1) what new attribute(s) we need to store at each node; 2) how these attributes should be used to perform the...
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2011Winter2009_Assignment2 - 1 Department of Computer...

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