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1 Department of Computer Science and Engineering York University, Winter 2009 CSE 2011: Assignment 2 Due Date - Friday, May 11, by Noon ! Question 1 Binary Tree Traversal [15 points] The recursive implementations of Preorder and Inorder Traversal on a binary tree are provided below. void recursivePreorder(Node t) { if (t != null) { processNode(t); recursivePreorder(t.getLeft()); recursivePreorder(t.getRight()); } } void recursiveInorder(Node t) { if (t != null) { recursiveInorder(t.getLeft()); processNode(t); recursiveInorder(t.getRight()); } } Write a corresponding non-recursive version of both above methods. (Hint: you are allowed to use an additional data structure, e.g. a stack or a queue.) Solution: void nonRecursivePreorder (Node t) { Stack s = new Stack(); s.push(t); while (!s.isEmpty()) { t = s.pop(); processNode(t); Node right = t.rightChild(); if (right != null) { s.push(right); } Node left = t.leftChild(); if (left != null) { s.push(left); } } }
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2 v o i d nonRecursiveInorder (Node t) { Stack s = new Stack(); s.push(t); while (!s.isEmpty()) { if (t != null) { t = t.leftChild(); if (t != null ) { s.push(t); } } else { t = (Node) s.pop(); processNode(t); t = t.rightChild(); if (t != null) { s.push(t); } } } } Question 2 Binary Search Tree [15 points] In a binary search tree, in addition to the standard operations, we want to support an operation called findLargest (K), that takes integer K as an argument and returns the K-th largest key in the tree. In
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2011Winter2009_Assignment2_solution - Department of...

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