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Drew Dickerson 30 September 2010 9:05 am – 9:55 am Ben Hudson Working Financial Literacy into the Classroom Our nation thrives because of the freedom in which we live. We are free to vote for who we wish, to practice any religion, and to pursue whatever makes us happy. However, with this freedom comes personal responsibility, and one of the biggest responsibilities we have is handling personal finance, which encompasses everything from balancing needs and wants to allocating income for specific purposes. However, in “Working Financial Literacy into the Classroom,” Tara Siegel Bernard explains how our nation's education system is setting us up for economic failure. She assumes that most American teenagers don't understand how to manage their finances because our nation's adults have failed to teach our teenagers about personal finance. Moreover, Bernard portrays our nation's education system with regard to America's struggles in personal finance through her use of rhetorical appeals such as logos, ethos, and pathos. One way in which Bernard establishes her argument is by presenting solid facts. She states that, “Just 13 states require students to take a personal finance course or include the subject in an economics course before they graduate from high school,” indicating that she thinks our public schools don't provide quality education in the area of personal finance. The important
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Dickerson.p2.final.AND - Drew Dickerson 30 September 2010...

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