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Psychotherapy by Samantha Karp - Psychotherapy Samantha...

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Psychotherapy Samantha Karp PSY 210 10/20/2010 Humanistic-existential therapy focuses on what is happening here and now. Therapists that use this type of therapy approach are influenced by a philosophical idea that says we are painfully free to make out own choices and live our lives with a sense of meaning. Humanistic-existential therapists however do not dismiss the past as being an important aspect. The past always has a way to influence current behaviors. Behavior therapy involves learning concepts through conditional and observation learning to help patients adapt behavior patterns. Behavior therapy tends to focus more on what people do not how they think or feel. Behavior therapists help overcome phobias, remove bad habits, and help with anxiety and depression. Therapists that use behavior approach also help patients with social skills. Behavior therapist may use flooding, gradual exposure, systematic desensitization (imaginational encounters), imitation, and many other different approaches to help the patient.
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