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Samantha Karp Financial forecasting A brand new company would need a financial forecast for a couple of reasons. One being that knowing how much an owner would needs in funds is crucial so the owner can plan his operations more smoothly. Being a new company makes it harder on the owner to have reliable shareholders or consumers if they cannot keep their credibility up. Forecasting where the funds are and how to receive the next ones is highly important. A family owned company is almost the same as a new business except for the fact that they have higher credibility ratings or at least it is expected. The owner has a clear idea about where the funds are coming for their capital. Forecasting is of high
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Unformatted text preview: importance because a lot is at stake, including personal contributions, and will help tremendously when trying to keep a profit. A long standing corporation forecasting is much easier because the company can look back at previous statements and forecast what they will need at particular times and in certain quarters. The company can see what rate of return is expected for future quarters and goals are clearly outlined. SEC requires more information to be given to shareholders so they can see exactly what they are doing and planning on doing....
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