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Samantha Karp Parenting Styles and Development When dealing with the challenges of choosing a career path, adults can behave differently than others depending upon the parenting style that they were raised by. A child that was raised by an authoritative parent might struggle with the idea of picking a career path. Their parents were strict with them and demanded maturity. However the parents did reason with the child as well as support them. As an adult the child may think that they have to achieve a demanding career to have their parent’s approval. An adult that was raised by an authoritarian parent can face the same challenges as those that were raised by an authoritative parent. The two parenting styles are similar yet the authoritarian parent has very strict guidelines that must be followed. This will make the child feel as though no career path
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Unformatted text preview: they choose will be good enough, or may not choose what they actually ant rather what their parents want for them. Children brought up by permissive parents will have the easier time at choosing a career path. This is because they have no high expectations to meet from their easy going parents. The disadvantage to this for the child is due to the fact that the permissive parents were poor at communicating with the child. If the parents to did help communicate the different avenues that the child could take or point out their strengths to help them find a career, than the child will wind up confused and deterred about what the right career is for them....
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