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Samantha Karp Skill Assessment Activity Checkpoint Week 2 There are many potential benefits when administering a test that attempts to measure skills, abilities, and traits. Employers looking to hire can administer tests like these to see if an ideal candidate has a greater success at accomplishing things in their life. A company may choose to administer self-assessment tests to a large group of employees to see where everyone stands. Making sure each employee is suited to their particular job can be derived from the tests. The down side is figuring out how truthful the tester is actually going to be. People may be able to fake self-assessment tests, answering the question untruthfully so the giver of the test can see what they want to. The question is are the self-assessment tests reliable or in other words consistent over a period of time and are they valid (able to measure what it presents)? I would say these tests are
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Unformatted text preview: reliable for sure, valid on the other hand that remains in the eye of the beholder. The tests can be given throughout a period of time, which will allow for the reliability to be proven. I would have to say the self-assessment test is probably valid to a certain extent. Yes, the test can measure what is trying to present but how accurate is that measuring? For my self-assessment test, I scored an 85. This was a bit surprising to me because I thought I would score higher. In my opinion my drive for success and motivation when facing challenges is very high. I sometimes call myself a want-to-be perfectionist, making sure I do things to the best of my ability and being happy about the outcome is my number one concern. I am usually considered an over-achiever, so I thought that the results would have shown that....
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