sexual reponse - Sexual Response Cycle Samantha Karp Axia...

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Sexual Response Cycle Samantha Karp Axia College PSY 210
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Sexual Response Cycle The sexual response cycle of both male and females contain similarities, even though most people assume they are completely different. It is true though that males and females have different needs that need to be met to help assist their sexual response cycle. The cycle itself has four stages involved, including: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and lastly resolution. Some sexual dysfunctions can create a problem with the sexual response cycle; however there are remedies to help assist these dysfunctions. The first stage of sexual response is the excitement phase. Within this stage of the cycle females begin by becoming lubricated in the vagina, while males will experience an erection of the penis. Males will also see an increase in their testicle size and women will see a slight increase in their breast size. Both the male and female can start the excitement stage within a very short period of time following stimulation. During the excitement stage skin color can change to a reddish color, which is more likely to be seen in a female rather than a male. Nipple will become hard, blood pressure will rise, and heart rate will increase for both males and females. After beginning the arousal stage men and women then enter in the plateau phase. In the plateau stage of the sexual response cycle men and women should have a stable arousal level. Men will show an increase in size of the head of the penis as well as the testicles enlarging to almost twice their original size. This allows for them to become
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sexual reponse - Sexual Response Cycle Samantha Karp Axia...

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