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Informative Speech Extra Credit Assignment (1) (1)

Informative Speech Extra Credit Assignment (1) (1) - 3 Four...

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COMM 1332 Mass Lecture/Labs EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT You can receive up to 5 points added to your Informative speech grade by completing … accurately and entirely… the following assignment. Using the ten Informative speech topics below, CHOOSE FIVE and come up with three broad main ideas for each, and then write: 1. A preview for each, containing the main ideas you come up with. 2. The Main ideas (listed as I, II, and III) for each.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Four transitions for each:-Between Preview and first main idea-Between main idea #1 and main idea #2-Between main idea #2 and main idea #3-Between main idea #3 and Conclusion INFORMATIVE TOPICS a. Magic b. Bicycles c. Diabetes d. Being a vegetarian e. Halloween f. School organizations g. Fish as pets h. Skype i. Reality television j. Sexual harassment...
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