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You will be responsible for knowing the chemical symbol and name (spelling counts) for each of the following: aluminum (Al) helium (He) oxygen (O) beryllium (Be) hydrogen (H) phosphorus (P) boron (B) iodine (I) potassium (K) bromine (Br) iron (Fe) silicon (Si) calcium (Ca) lead (Pb) silver (Ag) carbon (C) lithium (Li) sodium (Na) chlorine (Cl) magnesium (Mg) sulfur (S) chromium (Cr) manganese (Mn) tin (Sn) cobalt (Co) mercury (Hg) titanium (Ti) copper (Cu) nickel (Ni) vanadium (V) fluorine (F) nitrogen (N) zinc (Zn) germanium (Ge) gold (Au) You are also responsible for the names, formulas, and charges of the following ions: name formula name formula sulfide S -2 phosphide
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Unformatted text preview: P 3-sulfite SO 3 2-phosphate PO 4 3-hydrogen sulfite HSO 3 1-hydrogen phosphate HPO 4 2-sulfate SO 4 2-dihydrogen phosphate H 2 PO 4 1-hydrogen sulfate HSO 4 1-acetate C 2 H 3 O 2 1-or CH 3 CO 2 1-carbonate CO 3 2-hydroxide OH 1-hydrogen carbonate HCO 3 1-oxide O 2-cyanide CN 1-peroxide O 2 2-ammonium NH 4 1+ nitride N 3-hypochlorite ClO 1-nitrite NO 2 1-chlorite ClO 2 1-nitrate NO 3 1-chlorate ClO 3 1-chromate CrO 4 2-perchlorate ClO 4 1-dichromate Cr 2 O 7 2-chloride Cl 1-permanganate MnO 4 1-fluoride F 1-hydride H 1-bromide Br 1-iodide I 1-...
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