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Unformatted text preview: Welcome to EAS 305!! Applied Probability & Sta9s9cs Inference Agenda •  •  •  •  •  •  •  What is “probability” and “sta9s9cs” Why do we study “probability” and “sta9s9cs” Our goals Your goals? Pictures? Syllabus Quiz What is “probability” •  1: the quality or state of being probable •  2: something (as an event or circumstance) that is probable •  3 a (1): the ra9o of the number of outcomes in an exhaus9ve set of equally likely outcomes that produce a given event to the total number of possible outcomes (2): the chance that a given event will occur •  3b: a branch of mathema/cs concerned with the study of probabili/es •  4: a logical rela9on between statements such that evidence confirming one confirms the other to some degree hTp://www.merriam‐webster.com/dic9onary/probability What is “sta9s9cs” •  1 : a branch of mathema9cs dealing with the collec9on, analysis, interpreta9on, and presenta9on of masses of numerical data •  2 : a collec9on of quan9ta9ve data hTp://www.merriam‐webster.com/dic9onary/ sta9s9cs My Understanding Uncertain Facts Before A]er Probability Learning Sta/s/cs Why do we study those? •  World is uncertain –  Science is uncertain –  Engineering is uncertain –  Human being is uncertain!! Some uncertain/es are important Others may be not What we are going to learn •  Chapters 1‐11 of the textbook –  Random Variables –  Expecta9on and Joint Probability Distribu9ons –  Some important Probability Distribu9ons –  Introduc9on to sta9s9cs –  Random Samples –  Parameter Es9ma9on –  Test of Hypothesis Goals •  Our goals –  Teach you the material –  Make you happy –  Develop our teaching and communica9on skills •  How could we do that? –  See syllabus soon… •  What is your goal? –  How would you do that? •  Syllabus… ...
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  • equally likely outcomes, uncertain  –  Engineering, uncertain  –  Human, Joint Probability Distribu9ons, important Probability Distribu9ons

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