Go again yourself and he may listen or at least look

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Unformatted text preview: one to tell us whether Or not we've each a tether Determining how fast or far we go; And it is well, since we must go together, That we are not to know. If the old wrong and all its injured glamour Haunts you by day and gives your night no peace, You may as well, agreeably and serenely, Give the new wrong its lease; For should you nourish a too fervid yearning For what is not returning, The vicious and unfused ingredient May give you qualms -- and one or two concerning The last of your content. 64 The Three Taverns A Book of Poems By Edwin Arlington Robinson Lazarus "No, Mary, there was nothing -- not a word. Nothing, and always nothing. Go again Yourself, and he may listen -- or at least Look up at you, and let you see his eyes. I might as well have been the sound of rain, A wind among the cedars, or a bird; Or nothing. Mary, make him look at you; And even if he should say that we are nothing, To know that you have heard him will be something. And yet he loved us, and it was for love The Master gave him back. Why did He wait So long before He came? Why did He weep? I thought He would be glad -- and Lazarus -- To see us all again as He had left us -- All as it was, all as it was before." Mary, who felt her sister's frightened arms Like those of someone drowning who had seized her, Fearing at last they were to fail and sink Together in this fog-stricken sea of strangeness, Fought sadly, with bereaved indignant eyes, To find again the fading shores of home That she had seen but now could see no longer. Now she could only gaze into the twilight, And in the dimness know that he was there, Like someone that was not. He who had been Their brother, and was dead, now seemed alive Only in death again -- or worse than death; For tombs at least, always until today, Though sad were certain. There was nothing certain For man or God in such a day as this; For there they were alone, and there was he -Alone; and somewhere out of Bethany, The Master -- who had come to them so late, Only for love of them and then so slowly, And was for their sake hunted now by men Who feared Him as they feared no other prey -For the world's sake was hidden. "Better the tomb For Lazarus than life, if this be life," She thought; and then to Martha, "No, my dear," She said aloud; "not as it was before. Nothing is ever as it was before, Where Time has been. Here there is more than Time; And we that are so lonely and so far From home, since he is with us here again, Are farther now from him and from ourselves Than we are from the stars. He will not speak Until the spirit that is in him speaks; And we must wait for all we are to know, Or even to learn that we are not to know. Martha, we are too near to this for knowledge, And that is why it is that we must wait. Our friends are 65 The Three Taverns A Book of Poems By Edwin Arlington Robinson coming if we call for them, And there are covers we'll put over him To make him warmer. We are too young, perhaps, To say that we know better what is best Than he. We do not know how old he is. If you remember w...
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