He was calm enough although he knew he might be

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Unformatted text preview: e driving his argosies, Long anchored and as long unladen, Over the foam for the golden chances. 61 The Three Taverns A Book of Poems By Edwin Arlington Robinson "If men were not for killing so carelessly, And women were for wiser endurances," He said, "we might have yet a world here Fitter for Truth to be seen abroad in; "If Truth were not so strange in her nakedness, And we were less forbidden to look at it, We might not have to look." He stared then Down at the sand where the tide threw forward Its cold, unconquered lines, that unceasingly Foamed against hope, and fell. He was calm enough, Although he knew he might be silenced Out of all calm; and the night was coming. "I climb for you the peak of his infamy That you may choose your fall if you cling to it. No more for me unless you say more. All you have left of a dream defends you: "The truth may be as evil an augury As it was needful now for the two of us. We cannot have the dead between us. Tell me to go, and I go." -She pondered: "What you believe is right for the two of us Makes it as right that you are not one of us. If this be needful truth you tell me, Spare me, and let me have lies hereafter." She gazed away where shadows were covering The whole cold ocean's healing indifference. No ship was coming. When the darkness Fell, she was there, and alone, still gazing. 62 The Three Taverns A Book of Poems By Edwin Arlington Robinson An Evangelist's Wife "Why am I not myself these many days, You ask? And have you nothing more to ask? I do you wrong? I do not hear your praise To God for giving you me to share your task? "Jealous -- of Her? Because her cheeks are pink, And she has eyes? No, not if she had seven. If you should only steal an hour to think, Sometime, there might be less to be forgiven. "No, you are never cruel. If once or twice I found you so, I could applaud and sing. Jealous of -- What? You are not very wise. Does not the good Book tell you anything? "In David's time poor Michal had to go. Jealous of God? Well, if you like it so." 63 The Three Taverns A Book of Poems By Edwin Arlington Robinson he Old King's New Jester You that in vain would front the coming order With eyes that meet forlornly what they must, And only with a furtive recognition See dust where there is dust, -- Be sure you like it always in your faces, Obscuring your best graces, Blinding your speech and sight, Before you seek again your dusty places Where the old wrong seems right. Longer ago than cave-men had their changes Our fathers may have slain a son or two, Discouraging a further dialectic Regarding what was new; And after their unstudied admonition Occasional contrition For their old-fashioned ways May have reduced their doubts, and in addition Softened their final days. Farther away than feet shall ever travel Are the vague towers of our unbuilded State; But there are mightier things than we to lead us, That will not let us wait. And we go on with n...
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