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Ah bear me with thee smoothly borne dip forward under

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Unformatted text preview: rustic spectators, and which in my case was due, I trust, to hysterical but NOT unmanly emotion. If any woman, any bride, could forgive such an apparent but most unintentional insult, Olive Dunne, I knew, was not that woman. My abject letters of explanation, my appeals for mercy, were returned unopened. Her parents pitied me, perhaps had reasons for being on my side, but Olive was of marble. It is not only myself that she cannot pardon, she will never, I know, forgive herself while my existence reminds her of what she had to endure. When she receives the intelligence of my demise, no suspicion will occur to her; she will not say "He is fitly punished;" but her peace of mind will gradually return. It is for this, mainly, that I sacrifice myself, but also because I cannot endure the dishonour of a laggard in love and a recreant bridegroom. So much for my motives: now to my tale. The day before our wedding-day had been the happiest in my life. 53 ANGLING SKETCHES Never had I felt so certain of Olive's affections, never so fortunate in my own. We parted in the soft moonlight; she, no doubt, to finish her nuptial preparations; I, to seek my couch in the little rural inn above the roaring waters of the Budon. {3} Move eastward, happy earth, and leave Yon orange sunset fading slow; From fringes of the faded eve Oh, happy planet, eastward go, I murmured, though the atmospheric conditions were not really those described by the poet. "Ah, bear me with thee, smoothly borne, Dip forward under starry light, And move me to my marriage morn, And round again to "River in grand order, sir," said the voice of Robins, the keeper, who recognised me in the moonlight. "There's a regular monster in the Ashweil," he added, naming a favourite cast; "never saw nor heard of such a fish in the water before." "Mr. Dick must catch him, Robins," I answered; "no fishing for me tomorrow." "No, sir," said Robins, affably. "Wish you joy, sir, and Miss Olive, too. It's a pity, though! Master Dick, he throws a fine fly, but he gets flurried with a big...
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