This was early in the week and on friday the major

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Unformatted text preview: ent out to hunt on the Grampians between Athole and Badenoch. They were highly successful, and in the afternoon they went into a little bothy, and, having meat and drink, they abandoned themselves to jollity. "During their merry-making a young man entered whose appearance particularly struck and somewhat shocked Macpherson; the stranger beckoned to the Major, and he followed him instantly out of the bothy. "When they parted, after apparently having had some earnest conversation, the stranger was out of sight long before the Major was halfway back, though only twenty yards away. "The Major showed on his return such evident marks of trepidation that the mirth was marred and no one cared to ask him questions. "This was early in the week, and on Friday the Major persuaded his friends to make a second expedition to the mountains, from which they never returned. "On a search being made their dead bodies were found in the bothy, some considerably mangled, but some were not marked by any wound. "It was visible that this had not been effected by human agency: the bothy was torn from its foundations and scarcely a vestige left of it, and one huge stone, which twelve men could not have raised, was tossed to a considerable distance. "On this event Scott's beautiful ballad of "Glenfinlas" is said to have been founded." As will be seen presently, Hogg was wrong about "Glenfinlas"; the 27 ANGLING SKETCHES boatman was acquainted with a traditional version of that wild legend. I found another at Rannoch. The Highland fairies are very vampirish. The Loch Awe boatman lives at a spot haunted by a shadowy maiden. Her last appearance was about thirty years ago. Two young men were thrashing corn one morning, when the joint of the flail broke. The owner went to Larichban and entered an outhouse to look for a piece of sheepskin wherewith to mend the flail. He was long absent, and his companion went after him. He found him strugglin...
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