diagnostic - Kang, (Haira) Esther Writing 2, TR...

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Unformatted text preview: Kang, (Haira) Esther Writing 2, TR 12:00-1:50pm Sep. 29, 2009 A Glimpse in Esthers Mind Here is the story summed up into a sentence. My professor wants the class to write a diagnostic essay about anything. Anything- such a broad topic with an endless list to debate upon. A second turns into a minute, a minute into an hour, an hour into a day, and yet, nothing comes into mind. Laying in bed, gazing through the window, there are birds flying freely with the wind while Im trapped in the room lost in thought with what to write about. Why am I striving to write an essay? People tell me all the time to live life to the fullest because there might not be a tomorrow. Questions continuously spring up like popcorn in a microwave: what is the point of this essay? What if there is no tomorrow, would spending all this time be a waste? What is the meaning of life? In a philosophical point of view, philosophers question the meaning of life because individuals attend school, go to work to make a living but in the end, we are all going to...
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diagnostic - Kang, (Haira) Esther Writing 2, TR...

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