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English 10 annotated bibliography

English 10 annotated bibliography - Kang(Haira Esther...

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Kang, (Haira) Esther English 10, TR & W 8-8:50am Feb. 25, 2010 The Glass Menagerie- Annotated Bibliography 1. Bloom, Harold. Modern Critical Views Tennessee Williams . New York: Chelsea house, 1987. Print. The book discusses the irony and distance in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. The main character Tom Wingfield is an artistic figure who tries to protect himself from pain by using irony in his art and trying to distance himself. It compares Tom to his sister Laura Wingfield, as well as how different they are because his sister is trapped in the madness but Tom is able to break away from it with the irony that he uses. This book helps me to understand Tom’s characteristics which reveal the theme of the difficulty of accepting reality and being free. 2. Tischler, Nancy M. Student Companion to Tennessee Williams . Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood, 2000. Print. The book goes in depth about the little details in the play. It discusses the background, plot development, character development, thematic issues, and literary devices of the play.
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