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final paper outline - We create things (like the railroad)...

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Outline for Final Paper Topic: Do we control technology or does technology control us? “We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us” –Henry David Thoreau Thoreau is trying to point out that the things that often times seem to make things simpler actually make them more complicated. And these complications (i.e., things that were invented that sped life up, made us a little more of an impatient society. .. have to have more, faster, better, etc.) are leading us away from the true meaning or purpose in life. The railroad, although we get on it and it takes us places, is actually running society over.
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Unformatted text preview: We create things (like the railroad) and think we control them. But they really control us because we come to depend on them. The "progress" as being, in fact, a negative, by reducing the quality of life by making it more complicated and fast-paced. Example: The movie, Surrogates: people have robots to live their lives for them. Technology has made people lazy: cars, buses, etc Majority of peoples lives are dependent on technology: cell phones, ipods, computers, etc. Some people change themselves because technology allows the to: botox, implants, etc...
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final paper outline - We create things (like the railroad)...

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