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final paper-technology

final paper-technology - Final Paper Technology The idea of...

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Final Paper- Technology The idea of “progression” is spread throughout our culture like an uncontrollable virus that is infecting everyone. “We do not ride on the railroad; it rides upon us,” quoted by Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau stressed about simplicity because he foreshadowed that technology would become a destructive monster; killing nature and blinding mankind. Slowly throughout centuries have his predictions come true as new technological devices are created, disrupting the flow of nature and transforming humans into mindless beings. When the railroads were being constructed, Thoreau stated that the railroads were built on the “backs of sleepers.” Sleepers were referring to the wood that the tracks ran on but also symbolized the workers who did not think for themselves and died in order to build the railroads. The society seems to waste their lives trying to create unnecessary technological devices rather than spending time in contemplation and in thought. Technology seems to make everything simpler but in reality, it makes everything more complicating. These complications lead to technological devices that speeds up life, makes society a little more impatient, and controls the lives of countless individuals. The “progress” reduces the quality of life by making it more complicated and fast-paced. Many argue that this is a false statement, saying that the technological advances have positive effects. During a discussion, one student expressed that technology is a comfort zone. Cell phones for instance allow students to keep in touch with their friends and family. To hear the voices of loved ones help reassure students who are grieving due to the separation, but this exposes how much individuals depend on technology. In the past, many students encountered the same situations as students today but students of the past overcame it without the
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technological devices that students today depend upon. There were no cell phones, computers, cars, or iPods but students were able to get through school without them. My mother for example had to walk miles in the snow to get from her school to her home.
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