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Four Freedoms speech FDR 1941

Four Freedoms speech FDR 1941 - Read the speech and think...

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Read the speech, and think about the questions. In your answers, explain why you think what you do, and explain what evidence supports your ideas. Out of all possible freedoms to choose, why did FDR select these four freedoms? Is this a national vision, a regional vision, or a global vision of freedom? Given what you know about 20 th century American history or world history, to whom did these freedoms apply? In theory, who was included ? In actuality, who was excluded ? Are freedoms the same things as rights? Should all people have a right to these freedoms? Should Americans? Under what circumstances did this speech arise? What from the prior decade influenced the selection of these freedoms? (Why freedom from want? Do people have a right to abundance? Is this realistic?) What events were occurring when this speech was given? (Why freedom from fear?) Did parts of this speech predict how the future unfolded? Given the history of the seventy years after this speech, do any sentences make the United States seem hypocritical?
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