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Project 1 - Outline

Project 1 - Outline - Kristin Stegall ENG 101-121 K Wine...

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Kristin Stegall ENG 101-121 K. Wine Feb. 4, 2008 Outline INTRO: “Rescuing valuable genomes by animal cloning: A case for natural disease resistance in cattle” by M. E. Westhusin, T. Shin, J. W. Templeton, R. C. Burghardt, and L. G. Adams. The scientific report clones a bull with tissue from an ear that was frozen and then the cloned bull is analyzed for disease resistance. The rhetorical purpose of this article is to inform the scientific community about new research in cloning. The report follows the IMRAD format except that the analysis section is included in the results section and this is so that the public community can understand the report as well as the scientific community. BODY: Introduction – The report explains that they are studying disease resistance in cows so that they can eventually protect cows from pathogens. Materials and Methods – This section explains exactly how they cloned the cow and how they did the phenotyping for disease resistance.
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