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korean 113-kapitan lee

korean 113-kapitan lee - was able to escape through...

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Kapitan Lee “Kapitan Lee” was a difficult story to follow along because of the way the story was structured. The story does not have a certain sequence but starts from the present day to flashbacks of the past and then switching off back and forth between time periods which was confusing to me. There was a lot to think about while reading this story. There were many connections between people such as Hesuk who was Nami’s nurse and was like an older sister to Nami, who became her stepmother. I am assuming that Stenkov who was in the cell with Lee, was the person who helped Lee’s son get a Russian education. With so many connections it reminded me of Korean dramas where everyone in the drama series connected to everyone else one way or another. Lee, who was connected to everyone, seemed to be the reason why he was so lucky and
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Unformatted text preview: was able to escape through everything he has been through: being Pro Japanese, being imprisoned by the Russians, and so forth. I disliked the fact that Lee was a traitor of his people but I understand that if he did not do what he did, he and his family could have been killed. In a tough situation, Lee seemed like he had a difficult decision to make but at the same time, he seemed so blinded by power and wealth as he tried to send his son off to Russia and make him learn the language and as he only accepted patients with high statuses. With this, it shows that people can be selfish and will do whatever it takes to be wealthy and live well off, even if it means betraying one’s country and people....
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