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Movie Observation 1-Taeguki Many Koreans will never forget their experience during the war between North Korea and South Korea. My grandparents (mother’s father and mother) were both affected by it as it was a life changing moment in their lives. Taeguki only showed me a glimpse of what my grandparents might have went through. My grandmother escaped from North Korea to South Korea and was able to start her new life in South Korea, but many of her family members were killed during the war and she does not know if anyone else survived after the war and just waited for family members to return like the mother in Taeguki . One of her cousins served in the military like the main characters Lee Jintae and Lee Jinseok and just like Lee Jintae, her cousin was killed in action but she did not hear of the news until years later.
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Unformatted text preview: Taeguki made me appreciate my grandparents. The movie itself was very interesting. When the people were in pain, I felt their pain. It was emotionally capturing as I saw what my people went through. The character Lee Jinseok was an incredible actor and made the movie believable especially because I was so focused on his adorable appearance. The only part of the movie that I disliked was when Lee Jintae did not recognize his own brother and the time spend for Jinseok to make Jintae realize who he was, could have been the time that they could have used to escape so that both of them could have survived. Also, if I could have directed the movie, I would not have let Jintae’s wife be killed because she was innocent and was only thinking of her family when she signed up for food....
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