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korean 113-movie observation 2

korean 113-movie observation 2 - well with the theme of its...

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Movie Observation 2- Project Makeover aka Go Go Sister People say that you cannot change your destiny. An Jeongju from Project Makeover tried so hard to change her past but ultimately failed. In my opinion, everything happens for a reason, whether if it is for good or bad. As I was watching this movie, it taught me that if I cannot let go of the past, it will ruin the present and my future. Jeongju could not let go of the fact that her first love dumped her and it affected the rest of her life. There are many regrets that I cannot let go as well and it has affected me in numerous ways especially some flaws in my characteristics. What I really liked about the movie was the fact that Jeongju had a happy ending. It shows that no matter how much pain someone went through in the past, if the person is willing to let go of it, the future is brighter. The movie was well thought out and it coordinated
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Unformatted text preview: well with the theme of its story but I felt like the part when the adult Jeongju confesses to her mother that she was not the cousin, Alice but actually Jeongju from the future, could have been different because that part of the movie made the time travel confusing because the mother knew that the adult Jeongju was not Alice which would have meant that Jeongju should have known that her mother was going to pass away before we time traveled back into the past. That part of the movie also made the ending of the movie predictable; that Jeongju would discover that she could not change the past but that she could change her future. The director should have just made Jeongju learn everything for herself instead of allowing the mother to help her. Overall, the movie was fun and easy to understand; I would recommend it to other individuals....
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