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music 15- paper 2 - Paper Two- Exploring Song Emily...

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Paper Two- Exploring Song Emily Dickinson’s “Nature, The Gentlest Mother,” compares nature to a mother. The purpose is to set this poem into music. The poem will be compared to my views of how this text should be set to music and Aaron Copland’s setting of this text. As well as how music and words work together. In the first three lines, Dickinson describes how nature is kind and patient at the same time. Nature cares about people even though people behave ill towards her at times such as causing pollution or cutting the rain forest. It forgives people for their actions just with a “mild admonition.” Lines nine to twelve describes how Mother Nature is fair and that even the most unworthy flower or the smallest cricket would listen to her. Overall Dickinson explains that Mother Nature is kind and patient, caring about all her children. Mother Nature makes sure that all her children fall asleep and she does not fall asleep until all of them are safe and sound. Dickinson summaries this in her last four lines of the poem, stating that mothers are just like Mother Nature having “… infinite affection and infiniter care” (21-22). Mother Nature and mothers would do their best to just make sure their children are safe. Nature is personified as a gentle mother and Mother Nature watches over her creations, personified as children.
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music 15- paper 2 - Paper Two- Exploring Song Emily...

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