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music 15-paper 1

music 15-paper 1 - Paper One Music it is all around us...

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Paper One Music, it is all around us. Music is everywhere. Whether it is an actual song with lyrics or just the sound of something as simple as the chirping of crickets, it has the power to produce emotions but varies depending on each individual. Everyone is affected by music but has different responses to it and the same music can affect the same person but the outcome may differ depending on the mood of the person before listening to the song. For instance, someone could be listening to an upbeat song with depressing lyrics and still feel energetic afterwards because that person was feeling content before. If the same person listened to that same song while feeling depressed, he or she may focus on the lyrics and feel even more depressed afterwards. Music can affect a person’s emotions positively and/or negatively. The “power” of music can be seen through different points of view. Saint Basil explains his beliefs of “good” and “bad” music. He states that people should not listen to music that can affect a person negatively such as carnal music, and that people should listen to church music. To him, the power of music is that it can heal the mind and encourage good behavior such as how in the Bible, David freed King Saul of his madness just by playing his harp. Berlioz on the other hand, describes that a young musician who saw the performance of Spontini’s opera La Vestale, was so affected and had impassioned feelings, believing that he has had his share of happiness on Earth and committed suicide with a gunshot. Berlioz believes that there is power in music, meaning that music being a force, like how the young musician was “forced” to shoot himself due to a musical piece.
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