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soc 108c film response attempt #1

soc 108c film response attempt #1 - Assignment Two-Film...

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Assignment Two-Film Response The mass reproduction and distribution of patterned images and ideas played a significant role in the cultural realm. Color Adjustment is a cultural product of visual text, displaying the development of black people in television and how television played a role with stereotypes of the black community. The director seemed like he used content analysis to “‘mediate’ experience” described in Reinharz’s reading. On television, black people were shown as achieving the “American Dream” that everyone longed for but director found that that image was discrepant. Every show that seemed to show positivity had negativity. The show Amos ‘n’ Andy portrayed many stereotypes including the cliché of lazy black men. Even though the show was humorous, every character was shown as a clown or crook which let do people thinking that blacks were all like that. The Beula Show had an idealized housekeeper who did not have family of her own and was comfortable working in a white family’s home. The television showed that
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