soc memo - Kang(Haira Esther Soc 108c R 10-10:50am Memo...

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Kang, (Haira) Esther Soc 108c, R 10-10:50am Memo There was a broad range of performances from shows to performers’ artistic abilities. Observing from Venice Beach, 3 rd Street Promenade, Old Town Pasadena, and Downtown San Diego, the performances that involved audience interaction had more positive feedback compared to performances with less interaction. Music, announcements, laughter and big crowds were the main ways that lured shoppers away from stores and to the performances; anything that made people wonder what the commotion was about drew people to the find and watch the performance. The performers who showed more passion in what they were doing were acknowledged more than those who just laid out a box or hat to receive donations. When audience had the opportunity to participate in the shows, the shows were more favorable. Performers would ask for volunteers or search for specific people and tell them to join the show. The audience did not resist and participated. The ones who did participate had more entertainment than those who did not and they would end up donating more money than those who just stood there and watched. Shoppers enjoyed comedy performances. I think this is a way for them to release their exhaustion from shopping all day. They were able to get good
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soc memo - Kang(Haira Esther Soc 108c R 10-10:50am Memo...

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