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Airplanes The airplane has changed drastically from its first manned flight on December 17, 1903. The accomplishment of the Wright brothers with their invention of the airplane not only changed the way people travel but it also influenced war and changed how the military would fight in a war. Airplanes changed the face of war during World War One as it was the first war that included air combat. Aerial photography was used in aircrafts for spying purposes; to observe the enemies to discover their next move. Photographs were taken to see what they were doing but as the war escalated, it was a goal for the pilots taking pictures to not return with the pictures they took. Airplanes changed the face of warfare as they can destroy any kind of fortress that is used
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Unformatted text preview: as a protection against attack. There were many ground defenses such as forts and walls that protected an army from enemy attacks. Airplanes, which can bombard ground defenses, made it harder for defensive armies from getting killed. Warfare was also changed as natural barriers such as mountains and oceans were not an obstacle anymore due to the airplane. Militaries do not have to worry about not knowing the surroundings because everything could be seen from the sky. Airplanes changed strategies of war when it carried a large number of soldiers and equipment behind enemy lines. The soldiers would jump off the planes and parachute to the ground which gave them an advantage to land on enemy territory without trying to pass anyone....
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