Module 23, 24 2-18-2010

Module 23, 24 2-18-2010 - Introductory Psychology TA...

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Introductory Psychology TA: Jennifer Wong February 18, 2010 Module 23: Thinking 1. Thinking/Cognition 1. Refers to a process that involves knowing, understanding, remembering and communicating 2. Cognitive Psychologists – Thinking involves a number of mental activities 1. Concepts – the mental grouping of similar objects, events, ideas or people 1. Allow us to communicate something easily 2. Category Hierarchies 3. Development of Concepts – used to describe definitions (triangle) as well as mental images (bird) 4. Prototype : the best explanation for a concept 5. Speeds up our processing of ideas (and judgment) 2. Problem solving 1. Trial and Error 2. Algorithms – very time consuming, exhaust all possibilities before arriving at a solution. Computers use algorithms. Plus side: will give you an answer eventually 3. Heuristics – simple, thinking strategies that allow us to make judgments and solve problems efficiency but expose you to more errors during solving (less time consuming) 1. Allow us to use simple principles to arrive at solutions to problems
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Module 23, 24 2-18-2010 - Introductory Psychology TA...

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